Watershed Restoration Projects on Sal Creek and Harris River

Note: This web site was originally produced as an online reference point to access text, interactive panoramas and videos produced for the Google Earth Tour of Prince of Wales Island Watershed Restoration Projects.

The web site also serves as a "preliminary design" that in the future may allow a wealth of historical and current data and information to be added for each watershed area and each specific site location where rehabilitation work has been done. In this preliminary design four distinct categories have been suggested for the types of data and information that might be included: 1. Documents, 2. Images, 3. GIS Data and Maps, 4. Networks. Sub-categories and additional topic categories might be forthcoming in the future.

The objectives in watershed restoration efforts on Prince of Wales Island include reducing the stressors on watershed processes in order to achieve a more properly functioning watershed. One of the largest stressors on the Harris River watershed, for example was found to be sedimentation. The effects of sedimentation resulted in decreased connectivity between upper and lower watershed reaches, lost fish and aquatic habitat, and disequilibria in fluvial processes. Objectives listed in the Harris Watershed Restoration Plan are aimed to decrease component level stressors, reduce sedimentation, and improve overall function in the Harris watershed. Active restoration in Sal Creek and the Harris River will promote natural recovery of overall watershed fluvial processes. Instream habitat improvements will encourage re-colonization of biotic communities where habitat has been disconnected or lost.

Prince of Wales Island Watershed Restoration Project Google Map

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