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Harris River Restoration Project

Note: This web site was originally produced as an online reference point to access text, interactive panoramas and videos produced for the Google Earth Tour of Prince of Wales Island Watershed Restoration Projects.

The web site also serves as a "preliminary design" that in the future may allow a wealth of historical and current data and information to be added for each watershed area and each specific site location where rehabilitation work has been done. In this preliminary design four distinct categories have been suggested for the types of data and information that might be included: 1. Documents, 2. Images, 3. GIS Data and Maps, 4. Networks. Sub-categories and additional topic categories might be forthcoming in the future.

Cumulative effects resulting from past management activity contributed to altered watershed processes in the Harris River basin (McGreer, 2000; Swanston, 1991; Jones, 2000, Lassettre, 2001).(See Documents section below) These watershed processes often lead to decreased wildlife and instream fish habitat (Shapely, 1965; James, 1965; Lassettre, 2001).(See Documents section below) Past management effects have altered floodplain processes, hydrologic connectivity in streams, sediment delivery and timing in streams, and sedimentation to stream beds, resulting in negative impacts to fish and wildlife habitat. An interdisciplinary team identified underlying needs for project action in the Harris River Watershed. The Proposed Action in Harris River Watershed Environmental Assessment targeted resource concerns (undesired conditions) resulting from past timber harvest of upslope and riparian areas, road construction, natural disturbance, and increased public use. The proposed restoration projects are intended to rehabilitate the potential ecological function within the Harris River Watershed. The Forest Service is proposing this Watershed Rehabilitation in order to reduce sediment delivery, improve channel stability and improve aquatic habitat within the Harris River Watershed. The proposed action in the Harris River Watershed Rehabilitation Project Area is based on the Tongass Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) 2008 and the difference between the existing and desired conditions in the project area. The proposed activities respond to the goals and objectives outlined in the Forest Plan.

Harris River Watershed Restoration Map

Map instructions - Use the text hot links on the left side bar or click on the icons on the map below to view text information, interactive panoramas and video about specific 2009 and 2011 river restoration sites.

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Documents related to the overall Prince Of Wales Island Watershed Restoration Projects:

(These could be categorized in an Online Reference Library - see the library on the Upper Sevier River site as example)
  • Monitoring results
  • Analysis information
  • Planning
  • Research studies
  • Other presentations such as Powerpoint and PDF files
  • The references below were provided for this project. Are there links to web sources for these?

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  • A Google Search for the words Prince of Wales Island Harris River Watershed reveals several web site URLs containing documents and detailed information.. A few examples are:

Links to images and videos and other media:

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  • LInks to historic photos
  • Fubar Creek restoration photo gallery by the Wild Fish Habitat Initiative

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  • Tongass Futures Roundtable web site
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